Wilo Wallet is DeFi cryptocurency wallet, staking your token and earn awesome profit.

Fast, secure and high rewards

Key Features

Wilo Wallet is a mobile DeFi wallet designed to help people stake and earn profit, store and transfer coin & token with security and low fees

Defi and Staking

Stake your tokens and earn profit everyday

Secure and Timely Payments

Have confidence in payments being sent at an exact time its intended to the recipient in a fully automated system.

Scalable Platform

Payments are able to be done in ANY Ethereum-Based token, from Ethereum, to TUSD, to DAI and beyond!

Timely Payment

Do you want to make sure that a payment is going to get sent at a certain time, guaranteed?

Maybe you’re an employer looking to automate payments to contractors or a parent sending a weekly allowance to your kids.

No matter the situation, wilo Wallet will allow you to be sure that the payment will land on time, every time.

All you have to do is set:

  • The amount to be paid.
  • The number of payments to be made.
  • How much to set each payment to, and you're done!

Selected Use Cases

wilo Wallet is a novel platform with infinite use cases, here are some of the prominent ones.

Staking tokens and earn

Do you want lock your free coin and token to earn rewards everyday?

  • Staking ETH to earn extra return in YWP (wilo Wallet Token)
  • Enjoy annual yield of 10% through staking major assets
  • Ability to unstake anytime!


The wilo Wallet Token (YWP) has many unique features.

Initial Liquidity Offering

Presale and listing on Uniswap

Staking Rewards

With mobile, you can stake anywhere, anytime. You can also unstake at anytime. The reward is paid by your assets used to stake and WILO token.


The starting marketcap value on Uniswap will be $80,000


YWP tokens will start as the initial supply. This will gradually reduce as tokens are burned with each transaction

Reduced fees & Deflationary

Transaction fees are reduced by 50% when using YWP tokens. 90% will be burned and 10% for team development fund.

Our Roadmap

September 2020

Presale, Mint Tokens, Uniswap listing, lock liquidity, listing Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and 1st exchange listing


Testnet wallet & Staking testnet released

Q4 2020

Main wallet and Staking going live

Listing mid-tier exchange

Security tokens & tokenized assets

Event-released payments. Integration payment with retail company

Loyalty program

Cross-Chain integration